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University Calendar

ln line with other Japanese universities, the academic year at KPU officially begins on April 1st each year and ends on March 31st the following year.
The academic year is divided into two semesters.The first is from April to July and the second from September to March.
The matriculation ceremony is held just before classes begin in the middle of April and the graduation ceremony is held in late March the following year.
Students have three major breaks in the academic year. Summer break, the first one, is seven weeks long, beginning in August until the end of September.
This break includes the traditional“O-bon”period when people try to return to their hometowns to visit their parents, relatives, and friends.
Winter break lasts for about two weeks from Christmas to New Year. This break includes the traditional “Omisoka”(final day of the year) and 
“O-shogatsu”(New Year), another period when most people in Japan try to visit home. 
Spring break lasts for four weeks from mid-March until mid-April.
ln addition, there are 13 National Holidays throughout the year when there are no classes and the Administrative Offices are closed.
No classes are scheduled on weekends.

last update 2016.12.19