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International Ties

We have an "Agreement for Affiliation and Exchange" between Kushiro Public University and Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada) and Capilano University (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). The Agreement is "intended to promote cross-cultural understanding, academic cooperation and goodwill among the three partner institutions in Canada and Japan." We subscribed to this agreement on the 25th of July in 1991.
On the basis of this Agreement there are visits between KPU and SFU and Capilano University at all levels as well as an annual invitation to lecturers from
Capilano University for extended visits to KPU. 
Since 1991 , students from KPU have visited SFU and Capilano University to take ESL courses. The program was changed in 1998, and KPU now sends three
students annually on a grant to Capilano University to take ESL courses. While participating in these courses, students live with "homestay" families.
Republic of Korea
We have agreements with Mokwon University (Taejon, Republic of Korea) since 1999. KPU and Mokwon University exchange two students every year since 2000.
We have agreements with MingDao University(Chung Hua,Hsien). KPU and MingDao University exchange two students every year since 2005.
Russian Federation
We have agreements with Sakhalin Institute of Humanitarian
and Technological sciences (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russian Federation) since 2007.
The Sakhalin Institute started sending two students since 2007 and KPU will start sending two students in 2008.

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