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The overall campus area is 158,244 square meters. Consituent buildings have a total floor space of 18,752 sq.m.. The main building consists of four floors plus a
basement.The breakdown is as follows:
basement- 208 sq.m.
1st floor(ground)- 11,476 sq.m.
2nd floor - 4,929 sq.m.
3rd floor - 1,016 sq.m.
4th floor - 1,016 sq.m.
The administrative offices are located on the ground floor with faculty offices on the 3rd and 4th floors.
lncluded among the lecture facilities for both students and faculty are:
- Three state of the art lecture rooms containing audio-visual equipment controlled from a central operating station.
- Two computer rooms containing 122 terminals, which students may use when classes are not scheduled. Students also receive free lnternet access.
- One well-equipped language laboratory which includes facilities for satellite broadcasting.
- A number of conference rooms, including one which is equipped with a four-channel translation system.
The main gymnasium is 1,815 sq.m, and contains facilities for tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, and a variety of new indoor sports. ln addition, there is also a smaller gymnasium used for traditional Japanese martial arts such as karate, Judo, and kendo, and a weight training room.
Outdoor athletic facilities include a football and soccer field, a baseball field,and five tennis courts.
Dining and service facilities, which are all on the 2nd floor, include a small shop which sells magazines, stationery, and snacks, a large cafeteria, a smaller cafeteria for faculty and staff, and a coffee shop. There is also a bank machine(ATM).
All buildings in the university complex are connected by corridors and passages, making it comfortable to move around campus during bad weather.

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