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Service for external users (starting April 2005)

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Service for external users (starting April 2005)

The library is open to people outside the university who meet the following conditions.


  1. Residents of Kushiro subprefecture
  2. Workers for companies in Kushiro subprefecture
  3. Former university faculty
  4. University graduates
  5. Students, faculty and staff of affiliated universities
  • The library must be used for working with library materials, not for other purposes such as studying for entrance exams.
  • As students, faculty and staff of the university are given priority, use by external users may sometimes be limited. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


  • Please present an ID, such as driver's license, insurance certificate or student ID, for confirmation of your name and address,  fill out an application (available at the checkout counter), and submit it to the checkout counter.
  • Those approved will receive a library card.
  • When you visit the library, please present the library card at the checkout counter, and fill out the patron's form.
  • Library cards are valid for two years from the issue date through the last day of the month of expiration. Please come to the checkout counter with an ID for card renewal.
  • Any changes in information you filled out on the application form, such as address, and loss of the library card must be promptly reported to the library.

Library hours and closing days

How to use the library and limits on materials

1. Reading and borrowing
  • Materials in the reading room on the second floor are free to be read. To make use of audiovisual materials and items in the stack room on the first floor, please come to the checkout counter for the necessary procedures.
  • Materials (excluding audiovisual materials and certain items) may be borrowed and taken out of the library.
     <Limit> Up to 5 items <Loan period> 2 weeks
  • Students, faculty and staff of universities outside Kushiro subprefecture may not borrow or remove materials from the library. In this case, please apply for Interlibrary Loan Service at a library at your university.
  • You may freely copy materials within the scope permitted under the copyright law. Please purchase a copy card (\500) at the shop on the second floor.
  • If you have any questions regarding the library or its use, please feel free to ask the staff at the checkout counter.
2. Use of the group study room and the exhibition area
Besides reading and borrowing, you can use the group study room and the exhibition corner near the entrance.

To patrons

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