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How to use library materials

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How to use library materials


You may read any book or magazine in the library.
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Maximum number of items that may be borrowed and loan period
  • Students may borrow up to 5 books for a period of two weeks. Faculty and staff may borrow up to 5 books for a period of four weeks. Magazines (except for the latest editions) may be borrowed for a period of one week.
  • Present the materials you wish to borrow along with your student or other ID at the checkout counter.
  • Bound books, reference books, audiovisual materials, and rare and valuable books marked with prohibition labels cannot be borrowed.
  • Any changes in lending services during long vacations will be indicated on the bulletin board and the library website as they occur.
Special lending service for graduation theses
  • Seniors may use the special lending service, which allows them to borrow up to 10 books for a period of four weeks for materials used for graduation theses. Students wishing to apply for this service must fill out and submit the special application form.
    (Students with overdue materials may not apply for this service.)


  • Borrowed materials must be returned to the checkout counter by the due date. Those who fail to return materials by the due date will not be permitted to borrow from the library for a period equivalent to the overdue time after all overdue materials have been returned.
  • We will inform those who fail to return the materials by the due date on the bulletin board, in writing or on the phone. Should this occur, please return all materials promptly.
  • Please report lost or damaged materials to the library immediately.

Information search and audiovisual corner

  • Audiovisual materials may only be used in the library.
  • To use video or cassette tapes, please first reserve a seat, and then remove the material(s) from the shelf. After you are finished, please return the material(s) to the shelf.
  • To use DVDs or CD-ROMs, please first reserve your seat (except when using DVDs at a PC station), remove the case of your desired item from the shelf, and then exchange the case for the item at the checkout counter. When you are finished, please return it to the checkout counter.

Microform reading room

  • You may look at microfilm and microfiche freely.
  • To copy any materials, please apply at the checkout counter.

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