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Seminars organized by the Research Center for Regional Economics

Seminars are organized and held by the Research Center for Regional Economics to provide an opportunity for various themes on the region to be discussed among local residents.

Oct. 1, 1999
Open workshop
“Cooperation between universities and local communities”
 As an event to commemorate the research center's commencement of activities, an open workshop was held where representatives from seven other experienced Hokkaido-based joint research centers exchanged opinions about cooperation between universities and local communities. Research centers which participated included those from Hokkaido University, Otaru University of Commerce, and Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Date: Fri. Oct. 1, 1999
Open workshop

Dec. 7, 1999
Date: Tues. Dec. 7, 1999
Lecturer: Muneyuki Shindo (Professor, Rikkyo University)

Sept. 19, 2000
“Political decentralization and local governments”
Date: Tues. Sept. 19, 2000
Lecturer: Jiro Yamaguchi (Professor, Graduate School, Hokkaido University)

Dec. 5, 2000
“Future city planning”
Date: Tues. Dec. 5, 2000
Lecturer: Akira Tamura (Professor Emeritus, Hosei University/Regional Policy Planner)

Aug. 9, 2001
“Current issues and future directions of policy evaluation”
Date: Thurs. Aug. 9, 2001
Lecturer: Tatsuro Niikawa (Professor, Graduate School, Doshisha University)

Aug. 27, 2001
“Development strategies for ports and harbors”
Date: Mon. Aug. 27, 2001
Lecturer: Yoshikazu Kawasaki (Vice Chairman and Senior Managing Director, International Federation of Port Cargo Distribution/Doctor of Engineering)

Aug. 3, 2002
“Food safety”
Date: Sat. Aug. 3, 2002
Lecturer: Tadataka Shirouzu (Deputy Director, Lifestyle Information Division, Tokyo Head Office, the Yomiuri

Aug. 6, 2002
“Local vs center: long term vs short term”
Date: Tues. Aug. 6, 2002
Lecturer: Tatsuo Hatta (Professor, Center for Spatial Information Science at the University of Tokyo)

Sept. 3, 2002
“Current issues and future development of the construction industry”
Date: Tues. Sept. 3, 2002

Oct. 4, 2002
“Public ombudsman system in the city of Kawasaki”
Date: Fri. Oct. 4, 2002
Lecturer: Mariko Tsuge (Kawasaki Civil Ombudsman/Lawyer)
       Koichiro Takemoto (Executive in charge of human right ombudsperson, Kawasaki Civil Ombudsman Secretariat)

Nov. 29, 2002
“Tourism industry: Measurement and analysis of tourism consumption”
Date: Fri. Nov. 29, 2002
Lecturer: Hideo Shioya (Chief researcher, Research Dept., Japan Travel Bureau Foundation)

Urban tourism forum in Kushiro
 The Hokkaido Urban Tourism Research Council, which works to integrate tourism policies with urban policies, carried out a study on the Kushiro area and organized the “Urban tourism forum in Kushiro” in its first year.

Date: Fri. Feb. 23, 2001 Place: Tsuru-no-ma, Kushiro Prince Hotel

Panelists: Tadao Ariyama・Tadao Umezawa・Kiyosumi Ota・Masahiro Onishi・Juichi Hara・Naoko Hiasa・Hiromi Funabiki・Seiichi Fukuhata・Keiko Mishima・Junichi Murai・Kensuke Watanuki
Coordinator: Shuji Koiso

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