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Joint Research Project

Outline of joint research projects (activities up to fiscal 2002)

Study on the future status of local governments

[Oct. 1999 ⇒ Mar. 2002]
Joint research partner : Nippon Research Institute
In light of the changes in local self-governing bodies resulting from the national decentralization of power and administrative reform, the trend of local governmental reforms in foreign countries was explored and a basic study was conducted on the area of Hokkaido to determine how local governments should position themselves in the future. Some proposals for Hokkaido’s development system as well as directions local governments should take were presented in the research report.

Researchers: Kenichi Miyagi (Manager, Policy Development Division, Nippon Research Institute); Muneyuki Shindo (Professor, Rikkyo University/Chairman); Katsuya Hirose (Professor, Hosei University); Katsuhiro Sato (Professor, Hokkai Gakuen University); Yoshinobu Kitamura (Assistant Professor, Yokohama National University); Mikine Yamazaki (Assistant Professor, Graduate School, Hokkaido University); and Shuji Koiso (Professor, Kushiro Public University)
Study on the integrated regional policy between the Konsen region and the Northern Territories
[Nov. 1999 ⇒ Sept. 2001]
Consignee: Hokkaido Development Association
As a policy research project with the aim of establishing desirable local communities where Japanese and Russians can coexist, a wide range of studies was conducted holistically viewing the relationships between the Northern Territories and Hokkaido, centering mainly on the Nemuro regions. Topics covered included the pre-war history of the development of Chishima; legal considerations related to decentralization and multi-culturalization movements; the study of developments since the symbiosis policy of the Ogasawara Reversion; PPGI-based regional awareness research; and case studies on foreign symbiosis policies.

Researchers:Nobuo Arai (Assistant Professor, Sapporo International University); Nobuyuki Sato (Professor, Shobi University); Takashi Murakami (Professor, Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University *participated in 1999); Syugo Minagawa (Professor, Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University *participated in 2000); Hirotsugu Sato (Director of Local Document Div., General Affairs Dept., City of Kushiro); Kai Nishimura (Director of Northern Territories Affairs Section, Planning and Promotion Dept. City of Nemuro); Tatsuhide Ito (Researcher, Docon Co.,Ltd.); Daisuke Aoyama (Researcher, Docon Co.,Ltd.); and Shuji Koiso (Professor, Kushiro Public University)

Study for the vitalization of the Kyoei Odorishopping district

[June 2000 ⇒ Mar. 2002]
Consignee: Kyoei Odori Association of Business and Commerce in Kushiro
As the decline or “hollowing” of central districts -especially in provincial cities- has become a major concern, a study was conducted on vitalization measures for the Kyoei Odori shopping district on the north side of Kushiro Station. Problems were identified through a marketing survey conducted both inside and outside of the shopping district, and various workshops were organized. As a pragmatic solution, an illustrated map was produced to make the shopping district more familiar to people by providing detailed information of the area.

Researchers: Akio Hamada (Managing Director, CIS Institute of Planning); Manami Sekiguchi (Marketing Planner); Mayuko Mitoma (Kirie Artist/Illustrator); and Shuji Koiso (Professor, Kushiro Public University)

Study on the course of formation of the high-speed transportation network in Eastern Hokkaido
[July 2002 ⇒ still in progress]
Joint research partner: City of Kushiro
In light of the recent reevaluation of national expressway network development plans, a study has been undertaken to review the formation of the expressway transportation network in the extensive area of Eastern Hokkaido. The overall theme of this reevaluation is the assurance of the steady socio-economic development of Eastern Hokkaido, and focuses mainly on the function of local core cities.

Researchers:Toru Tamura (Professor, Muroran Institute of Technology); Shuji Koiso (Professor, Kushiro Public University); three officials from the Kushiro City Government; and three researchers from private research institutes

Study for regional economic promotion centeringon Kushiro Port

[July 2002 ⇒ still in progress]
Joint research partner: City of Kushiro
Paying attention to the specific characteristics and economic trends of the areas in Eastern Hokkaido extending from the Kushiro Port area as well as the vicinity of port itself, future strategies for local area vitalization and industrial development centering on Kushiro Port are examined.

Researchers:Yoshikazu Kawasaki (Vice Chairman, International Federation of Port Cargo Distribution); Masatake Wada(Professor, Teikyo University); KazutakaTakahara (Professor, Hiroshima University); Kiriyo Nakazono (Assistant Professor, Kushiro Public University); Shuji Koiso (Professor, Kushiro Public University); four officials from the Kushiro City Government; and five researchers from private research institutes

Study for international contribution to CentralAsia which utilizes experience gained through previous application ofthe Hokkaido development policy

[July 2002 ⇒ still in progress]
Consignee: Hokkaido Development Association
Methods for making international contributions to Central Asia are explored. This has been done by exemplifying activities and policies for regional development and vitalization previously utilized in the Hokkaido Development Policy which could also be applied in Central Asian countries.

Researchers: Hiroshi Niino (Director, East and Central Asia Division, Japan International Cooperation Agency); Shuji Koiso (Professor, Kushiro Public University); and two other researchers

Economic effect analysis of local tourism andstudy for its development as a more viable regional industry

[May 2000 ⇒ still in progress]
Joint research partner: Japan Travel Bureau Foundation
By clarifying the effects of tourism on the region through a tourist financial expenditure survey and a business survey, and by compiling a regional industrial interrelationship table, the economic multiplier effect related to tourism for the Kushiro and Nemuro regions has been explored systematically. At the same time, measures for tourism to further enhance its economic influence and develop as a more viable regional industry have been examined.

Researchers: Tomoya Umekawa (Director, Regional Planning Division, Japan Travel Bureau Foundation); Hideo Sioya (Researcher, Japan Travel Bureau Foundation); Akiko Kawaguchi (Researcher, Japan Travel Bureau Foundation); Masayuki Onishi (President, Akan Grand Hotel); Kensuke Tashiro (Hokkaido Development Bureau); Tsuyoshi Niiyama (Professor, Kushiro Public University); and Shuji Koiso (Professor, Kushiro Public University)

Experimental research for the utilization of‘Public Involvement’ (PI) methods in the planning of public works

[Sept. 2002⇒Mar. 2003]
Consignee: Kushiro Port and Harbor Construction Office, Kushiro Development and Construction Department
As social consent from citizens has become a prerequisite in the promotion of public works projects, a public involvement (PI) method in which citizens are involved in the early stages of project planning was proposed. In this study, the PI method was examined for its effectiveness as a consensus builder, by studying the results of an experiment which allowed local citizens to actively participate in the planning of a public works project at Kushiro Port.

Researchers: Eight Kushiro citizens who work at private companies and the Kushiro City Government; and Shuji Koiso (Professor, Kushiro Public University)

Joint research forum

“Exploring the potential of the tourism industry”
(At Kushiro Public University on Thurs. May 23, 2002)
Briefing: Shuji Koiso
Researcher report: Tomoya Umekawa、Hideo Shioya、Tuyoshi Niiyama

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