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■Services available at the library

○ Reservation service
 ・ You may put a hold on items that are out on loan. Please apply for this service at the checkout
    counter. You will be informed by phone when the book has been returned.

○ Requests
 ・ The library can take your requests (mainly, items used for assignments for seminars). The results
     will be indicated on the bulletin board beside the checkout counter after requests are examined.

○ Copy service
 ・ You may freely copy materials within the scope permitted under copyright law. A card-based copy
    machine is available beside the checkout counter.
 ・ Only materials from the library may be copied.

○ Reference service
 ・ If you cannot find materials or do not know how to begin your search, please feel free to ask the
    staff at the checkout counter.

○ Interlibrary Loan Service
 ・ If the materials you need are not available at this library, you can make use of the Interlibrary Loan
    Service. This service enables you to order copies or borrow materials via mail. You will be required
    to pay incidental expenses such as copying costs. For further information, please ask the staff at
    the checkout counter.

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