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Library hours
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Library hours and closing days

○ Library hours and closing days
Library hours
During school terms

Monday-Friday   9:00-20:00

Saturday           10:00-17:00

During spring, summer and winter vacations

Monday-Friday   9:00-17:00

Saturday             Close

Closing days
・ Sundays, Saturdays during vacations and national holidays
・ University foundation anniversary (June 25)
・ Year-end and New Year's holidays (December 31 to January 5)
・ Library inventory days (certain period during vacations)

* Information about temporary openings, closings and changes in library hours will be indicated on the bulletin board and the library website as they occur.

○ Patron rules
Please take care to abide by the following when using the library:
 ・ Please refrain from talking.
 ・ Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited.
 ・ Set mobile phones to manner mode, and leave the library to talk.
 ・ Please handle all materials and equipment with care.
 ・ Take care of your personal belongings when leaving your seat.
 ・ Please do not disturb other patrons.
 ・ If you cause any troubles or violate patron rule(s), you may be restricted or suspended from using the library.
 ・ When reading books on mobile bookshelves (in the stack room on the first floor), please ensure no one is between
    the shelves before they are moved.

Wheelchair-accessible multipurpose restrooms and elevators are available.


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