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Shuji Koiso : Professor at Kushiro Public University
and Director of the Research Center for Regional Economics.

 It has been said that the 21st century will come to be called the age of local regions. As various activities become globalized and world trends and changes become less certain, a new direction may be found by focusing on such local regions. Today, it has already become necessary for local regions to act as sources of information and policy. Thus, we have to cultivate the ability to view and appreciate local regions in a more scientific way.

 The Research Center for Regional Economics was established in June 1999 and has since been operating as an open-to-the-public academic research institute, a regional institute for the study of social science, and a local think tank. Since its establishment it has been engaged in the innovation of various research activities.  The center still has not come to find its most effective direction: how the center should respond to various local issues as a regional institute, and how it can effectively organize and coordinate research projects within its limited size and finances. Nevertheless, we will continue to make a steady progress to fulfill any new roles that the university should come to play.

 I hope that the spirit of regional creativity will be further boosted from the expanding influences of the regional research activities provided by the Research Center for Regional Economics.

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